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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Forgot Something didn't you? More like a no shot wonder.
Hint Laser-guided
"...Alright, Kletus! Deys's dead in ows's sights! Let 'em have it!"

"It ain't shootin', Jethro! It ain't shootin'! What's this dang thing here tryin' ta' tell us?"

" 'Laser lock not yet a-quire-ed'? Oh, dangit! Kletus, get the dang laser on 'em first!"

"The laser? We had ta' sell that off fer' the rockets, Jethro, remember? Now whadda we do?"



A mighty fine point. ;P

Went back to the 'ol drawing board and came back with this:

Dick Motors - The 'Tracy'

Sedan, Extra Heavy Chassis, Light Suspension, 4 Puncture-Resistant Tires, Single-Weapon Computer, Driver with 6pts Standard CA, Large with 10pts Standard CA Power Plant, 2x Linked Vulcan Machine Guns (High-Density) Front, Sloped Armor (Standard Metal/Standard Plastic): F20/20, R0/15, L0/15, B10/14, T0/0, U0/0. Accel 5, top speed 90.0, HC 1; 6000 lbs., $14562.
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