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The attacking stats on dragons may be necessarily abbreviated. The general description that's given, pretty selfevident in a conventional sense, is indicative of some omissions. Dragons fight among themselves, and assuming they'd be relatively inured to one another's claw and breath attacks, their toothy maws surely would come into the picture. Dragons lust after and collect gold, and assuming they don't manipulate the swag by lashing their tails, their claws aren't just good for sweeping strikes, but inclined to clutch. Whether good or evil, they portray an egotistical self-importance which changes however into a fighting berserk attitude against surrender. With no appreciation for spells or talents, their high intelligence would seem to be invested for the most part in disbelieving, giving them a Detect Lies capacity and aiding in IQ contests with resistance to command and control - the snakelike ability to fog a man's mind having been deprecated. If their heightened perceptions don't fully allow for focusing in on somehow unnoticeable figures, as in the case of Smaug & Bilbo, their ability to breathe then strike on the same turn would limn as with faerie fire even a missed target for a concurrent claw strike; and if the fire breath hits, the added claw damage could be assumed to accumulate against defense.
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