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Default Re: Fixing round length in GURPS

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
The thing about the OODA loop is that it generally doesn't have to complete or reset them until something significant changes or you try and do something significantly different. e.g. if you pull a knife on me once I've O,O & D I then A (and do you) I can likely keep on "A-ing" until the situation is resolved without closing the loop and going back to OOD Unless something significant changes
That is a beautiful example of the kind of thing which restarts the OODA loop: "I thought we were just shoving around, but he drew a knife! I need to observe that, orient myself, decide what to do and act. What, his his buddy has me by the leg! I need to observe that, orient- now I am bleeding, I am bleeding more, my left eye does not work, I am on the floor being kicked in the teeth, I am passing out." Alternatively, people try to repeat what they were doing before the new information presented itself, which usually ends badly ("I lunge at him again and try to make him kiss the table! I am bleeding from my belly, my right hand does not work.") Remember, Boyd was a theorist of air-to-air combat trying to understand why some fighter pilots are so much more lethal than others.

If anything, Do Nothing is generous. People often freeze in combat when presented with the unexpected, losing the ability to make Active Defenses.
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