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Default Re: Maximum Attributes for Real World People

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
We have already tossed realism out the window when we brought up comic books characters and Wildcard Skills. As for high Per and Will, you can take -4 to Will and Per in order to get back 40 CP, and the actions of both characters tend to reflect more disadvantages than lack of Will.
The fact those came up at all for examples of abilities of 20 when the very topic is "Maximum Attributes for Real World People" shows that few (if any) examples of such people exist in the real world.

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Obsession does not allow for Will roll to control.
Incorrect. "Obsession -5 or -10 points* (...) Make a self-control roll whenever it would be wise to deviate from your goal." (B142)

"An asterisk (*) appears next to the point cost of any disadvantage that offers a chance to resist. For each disadvantage like this, you must choose a self control number: the number you must roll on 3d to avoid giving in. (B120-1)

In fact, the GURPS wiki's List of Disadvantages notes which Disadvantages have this self-control roll and Obsession is clearly one of these.

Mover over as the GURPS wiki the highest stat 3e's Who's Who 1 and 2 gave was an IQ 18 for Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton and that was likely highballing it a bit.
Help make a digital reference for GURPS by coming to the GURPS wiki and provide some information and links. Please, provide more then just a title and a page number.

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