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Default The Utility of Bombs [Spaceships]

Bombs are an interesting weapon in Spaceships. They have the same diameter as missiles, but they have 1/3 the mass and 1/10 the cost, making them lighter and cheaper than shells of the same diameter. Of course, they are quite inaccurate, but they can represent a number of dumb munitions (and they can always carry nuclear warheads).

For example, a TL9 bomber could easily carry four bomber bays as main weapon batteries, each with 15 25-kiloton bombs, giving it a heck of a punch for such a small vehicle. With an HEDM engine and 10 fuel tanks, it could attack any target on the surface of a planet or in LEO, making squadron of AKVs equipped with such weapons the preferred orbital defense against large capital ships. If nothing else, the AKV can detonate its bombs as it rams it's target (1.5 megaton with a full load).

So, have you had much experience with using the bombs from the Spaceships series? How good where they? Would you say that they were worthy weapons or were they disappointing?
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