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Default Re: Sosial advantages in Dungeon Fantasy

Originally Posted by coronatiger View Post
I have a character concept for a DFesque campaign: A princess (the king's granddaughter, but not expecting to inherit the throne) who is tired of court life, and wants to go on adventures. The trouble is that the advantages that make her a princess cost "too much" (in my opinion) with regards to their usefulness in DF.

The characters will be built on 200-250 CP (final decision isn't made yet), and the "princess advantages" are:
Status 5 [25]
Claim to Hospitality (nobility) [10]
Patron (Father) [10]
Legal Immunity (Royal) [15]
Total 60 CP.

Should I just accept that this is the cost of being a princess, or is there a way to get a discount, via limitations, disadvantages or something else?

And by the way, are there other traits a princess should have? (Wealth isn't an issue with this GM/setting.)
One of the reasons those traits seem overpriced is that most of them have reduced or no meaning within the context of DF or DFRPG. If you want them to be worth their points, I'd suggest using the rules I published for Dungeon Action, since those give meaning to social traits and allow for a broader fantasy experience within DF.

Otherwise, only take the trait that actual meaning in DF: Claim to Hospitality. The rest don't give you anything, so you shouldn't have to pay for them.
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