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Default Re: Sosial advantages in Dungeon Fantasy

Originally Posted by coronatiger View Post
Half the point of being a princess is to have that royal clout
The tricky bit for flagrantly delving princesses is explaining how they're allowed to publicly go into a dungeon with a bunch of scruffy murder-hobos at all. It's a huge risk for a politically valuable resource, it's disreputable as heck, and it is basically begging the king's political enemies to take advantage in multiple terrible ways.

Once you figure out the story justifying that, figure out which social modifiers apply. Take those. If you want guidelines, the bard template has access to most of the DF relevant social abilities. Fairytale style "Princess" is basically a bard variant anyway.

This is all assuming you are going for some sort of "In-Genre Realism." If you don't care about that level of detail, just grab the social ads you want off the bard template (assuming your GM will let you violate template if you're not a bard), tell a good story about it, and delve. On of the PCs in my game is a muppet, as a quirk, just because the player says he is. It has no game mechanical effect other than some really silly and fun RP.

He used to work with Jareth.

Good times.

Flagrantly Delving Princesses would be a decent band name.

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