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Default Re: Funding semi-realistic monster hunters

Do you honestly believe a MiB organization would have no reason to keep the secret? That doesn't make any sense AT ALL. The purpose of ANY MiB organization is about secrecy. All those conspiracies exist EXACTLY for that. That's why those twats on X Files wouldn't do on international TV saying "Aliens..."

In the case of monsters, the revelation would mean Apocalypse. It would open war instead of covert... And that is precisely the ONLY thing that can unite the monsters (even some who may try some form of peaceful coexistence with humanity would be FORCED to fight). And, since the poo has hit the fan, there would be no reasons for the monsters to control their "reproductive" habits.

So yes, even MORE than hunting monsters, MiB MUST keep the world ignorant about them. Thats THE MOST important job (as it is, thats also the case in the movie MiB)
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