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Default Re: Seeking Cinematic Social abilities *short of* mind control / reading / supernatur

The supernatural levels of Attributes in Mummy: the Resurrection include various interesting effects that, occasionally, might be considered cinematic rather than explicitly supernatural:

Charisma 7: "Impressionable people roll Willpower against your Charisma or suffer from an ecstatic or psychotic episode."
Charisma 8: "Crowds of morals flock around you, and they are like sheep under your guidance."

Appearance 7: "Those who are attracted to you fall into a stupor as if you were their favorite rock star or fantasy celebrity. They must roll Stamina or actually swoon in rapture."

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Greetings, all!

* == An example of supernatural/mind-control cinematic ability is the bunch of Musical Influence skills and Persuasion/Captivate/etc. bardic magic.
Musical Influence just gives up to +3 to Reaction rolls. It's probably a supernatural skill, but it could also just be the (cinematic) skill of playing music that makes people more or less suggestible; e.g. calm music to calm people down.
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