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Default Re: [MA] Hobby Skill: Feats of Strength

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Yes, maybe Will+4 roll or something. I've done it several times, once you know it's a trick it really isn't very difficult. It certainly doesn't require any rolls to perform the feat itself (which is walking moderately quickly). There's normally no roll to walk in GURPS (which is good).
Although there are ways to mess it up, like failing to police all the rocks out of your bed of ashes or catching a coal in the hem of your pants and setting them on fire. And you could always trip and fall. A skill roll to see if you suffer a critical failure doesn't seem that unreasonable.

Actually though I think once you have practiced them enough not to suffer a familiarity penalty (a couple hours at most, usually just performing them a couple times will do) most Feats of Strength rolls are effectively Performance rolls. It's not that a (non-critical) failure means the trick didn't work at all, but that you didn't do it well enough for your audience to be *impressed*.
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