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Default Re: Character assignments continued

  • The Dean of Survey
    Name: Dr. Aloys Drolegante
    acerbic and exacting towards his subordinates, and demands only only the best work
  • Social anthropologist (and morale officer)
    Name: Eli Dayan
    Likes a good argument, sorry a ‘spirited discussion’.
  • The Intelligence officer, take #1
    Name: Lieutenant Kim Strickland (Imperial Marines)
  • The Intelligence officer, take #2
    Name: Lieutenant Sarah Watanabe
  • A meteorologist
    Name: Rudra <something>
  • An ecologist
    Will pigheadedly argue politics, ethics, and history,
Argumentative bunch aren't we?

I am thinking that Dayan can be the 'city mouse' to the ecologists and meteorologists 'country mice'.

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