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Default Proposed posting schedule

I propose that this game ought to consist of two sets of GM postings and two sets of character-player postings per week, timed as follows.

1st GM Postings: 1400 UTC Monday
  • midnight Monday night for Luke and me
  • 9 AM Monday for jmurrell
  • 8 AM Monday for martinl (I think)
  • 0600 Monday for sir_pudding
The character-players get 48 hours to reply before

Deadline for 1st Character Postings: 1400 UTC Wednesday
  • midnight Wednesday night for Luke and me
  • 9 AM Wednesday for jmurrell
  • 8 AM Wednesday for martinl (I think)
  • 0600 Wednesday for sir_pudding
Then I get 24 hours to produce

2nd GM Postings: 1400 UTC Thursday
  • midnight Thursday night for Luke and me
  • 9 AM Thursday for jmurrell
  • 8 AM Thursday for martinl (I think)
  • 0600 Thursday for sir_pudding
Then the character-players get 60 hours to reply before

Deadline for 2nd Character Postings: 0200 UTC Sunday
  • midday Sunday for Luke and me
  • 9 PM Saturday for jmurrell
  • 8 PM Saturday for martinl (I think)
  • 1800 Saturday for sir_pudding
Which leave me 36 hours to prepare the next cycle.

This would give every character-player two evenings to work on any response, allowing flexibility. But Luke's evenings would be Friday and Saturday nights, which a roaring man of the town like himself might be busy on both of. Comments?

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