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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Current Year 1926
POD- 1820s, folk/ritual magic demonstrations convince a growing small but growing number of researchers in the United States. A revised Pow-Wow book, published in Baltimore in 1829, contains an additional set of keys that enhance and activate magical power.

Magic only works for those who believe in a higher (or lower) power and a metaphysical realm.
No atheists or materialists need apply.

This is ritual magic (path/book) based on Religious Ritual skill.

Religious Ritual: Pow-Wow
Religious Ritual: Conjure
Religious Ritual: Diabolism


The US has led the way in magical studies, but other countries have gone a long way towards catching up.

Some later events:
• Karl Marx, a notorious black magician, hanged by the Koln authorities’ for the ritual murder of a prostitute (some of his followers have claimed he was framed, that his involvement in radical politics was the real reason for his hanging).
• American Civil War, both sides recruit magicians as “chaplains’ assistants” and “surgeon’s aides.” The first-hand experience of soldiers lucky enough to get magical healing helps popularize the Art, though sadly the healers number too few to save more than several thousand men.
• Harvard, the last hold out among the major American universities, first offers courses in practical magic.

Current events:
• In Russia the Marxist-Luciferian regime struggles to suppress Khlysts, Lamaist-Tsarists, and Skoptsy-Socialist rebels.
• Negro folk magic/conjure/hoodoo gains wider popularity along with jazz, sometimes through the same club venues
• American magicians who utilize alcohol in rituals fail again in a bid for a legal exemption from Prohibition (more seek bootlegger contacts)
• Japanese research on yamabushi rituals first published in English, newspapers warn of the Yellow Peril and mysterious Oriental sorceries

Great Powers:
United States of America
• Representative democracy
• CR 3 (4 for non-whites in some states)
British Empire
• Representative democracy
• CR 3 (4 for some colonial native populations)
French Republic
• Representative democracy
• CR 3 (4 for some colonial native populations)
Japanese Empire
• Representative democracy/oligarchy (in Japan proper; colonies add subjugated modifier)
• CR 4
• Representative democracy
• CR 3 (4 for some colonial native populations)

NOTE-- Kenneth Hite has already written up worlds like this. Call it an homage. Or drawing on the same source material.
I could push the date back or forward, but I like the 1920s.

This isn't a secret magic world; magic is known to work.
But since it works for more than one tradition, nobody can be certain from empirical evidence which tradition's connected religion is the True Faith.
If any.

Materialism is a minority intellectual position, crackpot stuff.

Hard atheism really isn't a thing, outside crackpot circles.

There are a few Jungian types who claim the gods and spirits magicians call on are projections of/dwell within the human collective subconscious. They haven't been able to create a working tradition of their own, at least not yet.

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