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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Originally Posted by mercenary30
A more combative entry from Furious Machines, the TINDERHEAD can spread destruction like a wild fire. Capable of spitting flame in every direction but up, the high torque motors help keep this machine in the running and the weapons keep the opponents off their game.

Midsize, Light Chassis, Hvy Suspension, 4 FP PR Radials, Large PP w/SC, Driver, VMG w/Incendiary Ammo front, FOJ w/HT ammo rear, FOD left & right, FP Spoiler & Airdam, HD Shocks, HDABS, HDHTM, SWC, Sloped FP Armor F25 R15 L15 B20 T5 U5, ACC 10, HC 4, Top 120, 4315lbs., $24,322
Quick this vehicle intended as a dueling car? If so, isn't it just a little light in the side armor department? That wasn't meant as a knock against the design, I' m just thinking that in a Div 25 duel, most vehicles pack a little more armor than that.
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