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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Originally Posted by MIB 1473
Express -- Why trust your precious cargo to a plain old truck when you can put it in a real armored car?

Large Armored Car; eight SB OR Solid Tires; Large Power Plant. Driver;two Gunners; all with Body Armor. TG w/ APFSDS in 15-space AFV turret; two linked VMGs in 4-space universal turret atop AFV turret; two APFSDS mags for TG in body; two VMG mags in AFV turret. Two Hi-Res TCs (Gunners); IFE; IRSS, AFV turret F; Long-Range Radio; No-Paint Windshield; Radar; Tinted Windows. Eight 10-point plastic wheelguards; eight 10-point plastic wheelhubs. Laminate Metal/Laminate Plastic Armor: F 20/45, Sides 10/25, B 20/40, TF 20/20, TB 10/20, UF and UB 10/10, Turret F 20/40, Turret Sides and B 10/25. Cargo: 6950 lbs, 23 spaces. $534,000; 50,000 lbs. Top Speed 90, Accel 2.5/5, HC 1.

(Note that all components are legal for civilian use according to UACfH.)
Unfortunately Laminate Armor is itself illegal - check ADQ 9/2 !
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