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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip: Hexagram #5 and Ardonirane

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
Our focus is on the Kickstarter campaign at the moment. We'll turn to Warehouse 23 in the future, after this project has closed.
I apologize, because I wasn’t really clear in my suggestion.

What I am suggesting, and to some extent requesting, is that you leverage Warehouse 23 as a pre-order system that dovetails with your KS campaign. To be candid, I back your campaigns for TFT material not only because I love the product and want to see you guys continue publishing resources for it, but also because they are a really good deal. The only reason I can back your US only projects, is that I have a friend who is willing to be my recipient.

If I could pre-pay you 90 bucks at warehouse 23, then I could get not only the deal that the rest of the KS backers get, but also get the stuff shipped to me here in Canada.

I also totally get that shipping rates and all that jazz might change between the kick starter campaign and the receipt of the product in your warehouse, so another potential solution is to sell me a $90 gift card, that would entitle me to one “bundle“ equivalent to what you’re offering in the kick starter campaign, and then when the stuff arrives, I can go to warehouse 23, use my gift card, and pay shipping at the time which would be at the appropriate rate.

The only thing that you guys would need to do, and I understand that my request is not as simple as most people might think, is that you would need to keep track of how many, in this case play mats, you would need to provide to your potential international backers.

Does that make more sense?
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