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Do they have folks who have field command experience, and MI experience, and NCO experience? Given recent history, that seems plausible - these are the early post FW Mink - they have lots of folks who showed surprising talents in various war-related charlie foxtrots and/or were recently promoted massively and retrained because they at least had some experience, the right minkthink, and applicable aptitude.
Major hostilities in the Formation Wars ended forty years ago. The experienced NCOs of that epoch are nearly all retired. The intervening forty years have been a time of military retrenchment during which the Senate has tried to destroy the Empire by with-holding tax revenues and the Empire has put most of its resources into developing adequate alternative sources of revenue and a minimum into maintaining the Navy and developing the Marines for future recovery. The Empire in fact doesn't have a lot of experienced warriors except at ages that are edging well towards "too old for commando operations".

And becoming a Imperial Marines officer is not something you do with a quick officer candidates school course. NCOs are the ones who know how to storm an embassy and rescue hostages; officers have to decide when it is the right thing to do, which means having a great deal of knowledge of the history, causes, and effects of war. If we storm the King's Fortress and Prison of the Pastille we will certainly rescue our people. But what will the political impact be? Will we humiliate the king and warrior caste in a very face-obsessed culture, encouraging dissidents to revolt just as we paralyse the government's will and self-belief? We want to force these places open for trade, not start quasi-French revolutions. The Mission Commander needs a military staff, or at very least a really good intelligence officer, to advise him on that. And that person ought to be plugged in to the Survey team drinking taking in data by mouth, IV, and suppository, not busy babysitting a commando section. I think sir_pudding's SoD would be wrinkled by an officer who was both keeping fully abreast of Survey's results and keeping a commando action team ready to drop hot at short notice with himself in the lead.

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