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Default Re: GURPS 40K RP conversions

Ultra-Tech and other GURPS scifi supplements try to keep within shouting distance of realism, and Warhammer straight up doesn't give a hoot.

If I were doing this, I would throw out all the Basic Set and Ultra-Tech stats for guns and post-TL4 armor. I'd make up my own stats for the more common guns on the basis of how they compare with melee weapons in the 40k RPGs and the miniature rules. Power fists, chainswords, power armor etc. likewise; I might look into treating special tech like that as magical enchantments.

And I'd consciously keep all the numbers pretty modest, so characters with exceptional personal abilities could still shine even against superior gear. Like, a run-of-the-mill gun would do 2d pi, and a bolter would do maybe 2d+2 pi+. Enough for the players to get excited but not enough for the latter to completely invalidate defenses that work against the former, or to discourage the ST 20 space marine or the ST 15 ork from pulling out a sword or choppa when the enemy gets close.

And, yeah, 2d pi for a military weapon from a spacefaring future sounds absolutely ridiculous considering TL6 pistols do more. But 40k and realism just don't go together.
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