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Default Re: Cosmology and game mechanics for Dream Worlds

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
You should. It's a really important part of any campaign that features dreamworlds - do you die in the real world if you die in your dreams? Is it just a Fright Check? I highly suggest you peg that down before anything else because it's going to influence everything else you do.
I will. I'm just not ready for it yet. Right now, as is typical, I'm thinking through some ideas of mine that may be delayed a year or even more until I get to run them in front of my players.

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
Hey! I don't have....alright - maybe I do. But it's only because I write so damn much. I think I have a problem. You'll find the rules in Pyramid #3/63: Infinite Worlds II in my article "Lord of Your Own Domain."
Ah, you meant that one. OK, will give it a second look.

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
I've had this conversation with someone else on the boards...I think it was tantric, anyways, if everyone gets "Dream Travel 1" then it's a feature. Just treat level 2 as a buyable ability. If Dreaming can do a crazy number of things like allowing you to create dream matter with a Will roll or let you bend space I very much suggest you raise the difficulty to Very Hard and float the attribute over to IQ.
I'm disinclined to allow it doing any crazy things. I might have to employ significant negative TDMs for tasks that are impressive. I wouldn't change the difficulty of the skill - there's no point to do that in 4e if I can just use nastier TDMs for harder tasks.

Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
Again, this is one of the things I wouldn't look too closely at. By defining it more than is necessary you're going to take away your leeway as a GM. I had to learn that the hard way.
Oh well, I'm not sure if you heard me say this before, but this whole campaign is very much started and run under the motto:
They said it won't fly! They said I'm crazy. But I'll go and make a game world the way I want to, even if I'll have to suffer through it, and damn the consequences!
A couple years of GMing passed, and people seem to mostly like it.

So I'll probably take the risk. I just want to do it in a way that will be consistent. I'm with the hobgoblins - I like consistency.
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