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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
No idea, still pretty much a hypothetical idea... but my guess is that such a concept would also somehow incorporate Feints/Beats since that's also a quick contest?
No, such a system would be about controlling the hex, not about getting bonuses to attack.

You could make a system where swordplay is treated as a grapple, with "weapon control points" being added up and spent to try and hit, but that's a different kettle of fish and a rather ambitious project.

Somewhere out there is some kind of defensive slammer who will get mad though.
He has his defense bonus to keep him happy. And a defensive slam is a particularly weird attack.

Not sure what you mean by range, by the time you're slamming someone you are sharing the same hex
I'm talking about rolls to hit nearby targets in general, not specifically slams.
Avoiding being hit was I thought covered by using active defenses (ie someone doing AOA like a berserker isn't avoiding) I think it's moreso the kinda-passive aspect of defense of "you're moving around so it's harder to target you"

Which is where the whole "what do I roll to stab the unconscious guy immobile on the ground" bonuses come in.
I think there is a little of both "you don't get bonuses to hit the immobile guy" and "they get a dodge".
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