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I am curious about how you would handle forsaken lands as opposed to unholy lands. In my conception, an unholy land is an area where the forces of evil have pushed their way in through brute force and then increased unholy sanctity by Infernal power. Like an evil cult worshipping a demon lord.

Forsaken land in my conception would be areas where the Divine has withdrawn instead of being pushed out. It is more of a punishment to those who lived in the land that must have angered the Divine. Maybe the people were wicked and the Divine decided not to protect them any more so demons and devils gathered in that area because it was more easily accessible. Maybe the Divine did not prevent them from crossing in to the mortal realm in the forsaken land.

I imagine the sanctity would be the same between unholy and forsaken lands; probably low holy sanctity and high unholy sanctity and black magic would be strong. I guess the main difference would be that the Divine would be actively battling to defeat the forces of the Infernal in unholy land while the Divine would just pull up shop in forsaken land and allow the evil to fester, most likely as a punishment for the behavior of the people who were living there. Any thoughts?
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