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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Try this one...

It's a commonplace of Hungarian historians that Matthais Corvinus, one of their greatest kings, was poisoned. There is no evidence either way. Still, it looks very plausible. On one Q7 world, it seems to have been the case. A World-Jumper of Hungarian nationality (reports suggest he may have psi powers too) seems to have exposed a poison plot.

Events are very much in flux. Matthias Corvinus was a very capable warrior, administrator, and diplomat. He built an efficient modern army and was well on the way to creating an empire. He has a healthy heir and the ability to get him elected King. He also has a hero-worshipping world-jumper probably with other psi powers determined to help him.

Centrum wants to exploit him, the Cabal wants to own him, and Homeline is simply spying on the two of them. They really don't have a dog in this fight.
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