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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#39): Daredevil, Luck, Super Luck

The caracter i play in our current campain has luck.
It has saved my hide in more than one situation.
Especially since we started to play that luck can also modify enemy rolles that have to do with the character (e.g. critical hits against my char).
It is the only defence against enemys rolling well i have in that game.
The character can have goodly defences, if the enemy crits he is going to get hurt unless he has luck.

One thing i noticed early on was that unlike in other systems (where you use e.g. a d20), rerolls donīt help as much to get a favorable roll on unlikely skill-uses or attacks.
Unless i am somewhat good at the thing i am trying to do (effective skill of 10 or more) it isnīt likely to compensate for bad skills/hard rolles.

Managed to hit an heavy armored enemy through his eyeslits once, but that was it.
Tried a few times to use luck to make my skillrollles on my not so good skills (9-) and that never worked as 3d6 average out nicely, even on 2 rerolles.

Luck is still very much worth the points IMO.
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