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Default Re: [Basic] Tinkering with Afflictions

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
There's an idea kicking around on the forums, that extra levels of Affliction should cost 1/5 of the parent Affliction. That makes more than one level of Affliction feasible, but it may be overpowered. YMMV.
ISTR that Sean Punch is on record as having admitted that levels beyond the first of Affliction are wildly overpriced and should cost only 3 or perhaps even just 2 points per level.

The benefit of my suggestion, however, is that the GM can (if he's fairness-minded - this excludes the majority) re-tune the power of additional levels of Affliction while point values remain unchanged. For instance, he can start out with -4 to resistance rolls per level of Affliction after the first, and play with that for some sessions, see how it goes, then based on that he can decide thta it's good and let it be for longer, or he can change the modifier to -5 per level or -3 per level, or even -2 or -6 per level.
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