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Default Re: Why swords are so expensive?

Originally Posted by gilbertocarlos View Post
If you see the prices of knives and swords, there is a huge increase from large to long knife, and from long knife to shortsword.
Dagger - 0,25lbs - $20
Small Knife - 0,5lbs - $30 - Increase of 50%
Large Knife - 1lb - $40 - Increase of 33%
Long Knife - 1,5lbs - $120 - Increase of 200%
Shortsword - 2lbs - $400 - Increase of 233%
Thrusting Broadsword - 3 lbs - $600 - Increase of 50%
Thrusting Bastardsword - 5lbs - $750 - Increase of 25%
Thrusting Greatsword - 7lbs - $900 - Increase of 20%

As you can see, there is a huge increase in price from large knife to long knife, and from long knife to shortsword.

What's the reason for the huge increase? do storical prices follow this logic?

Wouldn't be better to either increase the prices of knives, and the LT/B prices be considered for cheap knives, or instead, decrease the price of swords, and the LT/B prices be considered for fine swords?
Because in the 70s or 80s Evil Stevie took a guess at sword prices for Man to Man based on the sources he could find, and every edition of GURPS has copied them since. In England in 1300 the average price for a knife was 1d and a new knight's sword was 40d; and an Average wage was around 3L per year or 60d/month; if we treat those as a Dagger and a Thrusting Broadsword respectfully we get G$12 for the knife and G$480 for the sword (but $1660 for a mail hauberk [Torso, Arms, Thighs, Knees = 200% of Torso cost and weight]). So the prices are vaguely reasonable, which is all you can expect when one price list has to cover all imaginable economies :)
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