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Default Re: Shipping in a Traveller Universe

Originally Posted by hal View Post
It can be done, but the real problem is that it isn't something you can run at the table itself.
Sounds like their should be an App for that ;)

For the wider issue of keeping things fresh without stretching implausibility, I was thinking of doing a solo game where you start at a particular system and then jump into the unknown, generating systems as you go (sort of like scouting, but focusing on the trade aspects).

This would be divergent from the basic Traveller canon where everything is already mapped out, but you could put it forward as extending trade to a pocket empire hitherto uncharted after a self imposed quarantine like Japan in the 19th century. I was also wondering about doing a TNE campaign where things have changed. You can safely assume the Gas giant for refueling was still in place, but the TL and economy of systems would be very different from the historical records.

This would be making new markets and for a few months you would be lord of all you had surveyed.
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