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Yeah that's more less what I went for : 60 Space Tank had only two Crew & a Computer Gunner for mainly AA Defense .
Turreted TG9 had two Coaxial HMGs with Explosive Rounds & extra Duel Weapon Magazine . Anti Air was mostly handled by a Four Space Universal Turret with two more Long Barreled Auto & Weapon Stabilized HMGs . Auto Stabs were also mounted in that Turret to save space in AFV Turret . As all 4 HMGs were LB & Auto Stabilized , we allowed them to be Smartlinked together . Great if you needed something else targeted in same arc as Main Gun .

Ammo for main Gun : 30 Shots HE , 20 Shots HESH , 20 Shots APFSDS . With options to remove 2nd Coxial HMG & some equipment for 1-3 extra TG9 Mags .

30 Space Scout Tank had 30 Shots for RFTG & Coaxial HMG - with option to make HMG mount Universal for an extra Space . It had only a Driver & Computer Gunner in main version . Also had a Large AFV Power Plant & could hit 100Mph - much to the confusion & shock of our opponents !!
Other versions had a Medium PP , Gunner & Bow HMG as well . We also had an unmanned Decoy Model with cheaper Armour , tons of Hot Smoke , decoys and sometimes remote Sensors in EWP Pods .
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!

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