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I think this is one of the issues I had with component armor for Car Wars, because the rules, as written, to me, seemed to deliver little protection, particularly from the larger division duels. I'll have to re-read them. That verse the cells in the AGS which were designed specifically to divert a blast from a direct hit from a 120 mm shell.
All CA did was add DP -- when one is getting hit by 6-8d6 volleys, 10 added DP doesn't amount to much. Now, if one had been able to add-on to CA a CASM function ("when plant explodes, Top armor is destroyed, but rest of vehicle is undamaged"), that might have been a bit more useful.

[QUOTE=Racer;2235140]What would guys consider reasonable ammunition numbers for various Tanks/ Tank Destroyers ?

Well, for the tanks I designed for "1st Nebraska Volunteer Armored Division": The 15-ton "scout" carried 20 rounds for the RFTG, and 40 for the MG with Prox-fuse Explosive ammo; the 30-ton "main battle tank" carries *60* rounds for both the TG9 and the Prox-fuse Explosive ammo MG. (In case you're wondering about that MG: I'm a long-service David Drake fan, and... well, does the phrase "Automatic Air Defense" ring any bells? >:) )

In general: I'd look at "real" tank designs, and use those as a basis for how much ammo to put on board (measured in "seconds of fire").
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