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According to Mass Combat each 1$ invested by the corporation in defense would contest $4 invested by the NATO countries. Maximum military budget would be 100.8 billion dollars (before the merger, each company would be worth about 200 billion dollars and able to contribute 25.2 billion dollars to the shared effort), for which NATO would require 403.2 billion dollars for a 50% probability of success.
You're ignoring the time factor. Money doesn't just instantly and magically turn into military capability. If you're working on it, there will be a period of time before you have built it, but after it has become visible that you are doing so. Consider the pressures that have been applied to North Korea.

And on one hand, North Korea is already a sovereign state; however awkwardly, it fits into the international system of states. You are looking at a non-state actor attempting to shove its way in. Existing states are jealous of membership in their exclusive club; the resistance will be much greater.

On the other hand, your organization is a business corporation. Its very survival depends on having a steady flow of income from economic transactions with organizations in other states. That's very different from a tiny, poor, and economically isolated entity such as North Korea, which can keep things secret by having boundaries through which nothing passes. Every purchase an organization makes provides information to the world. And you cannot accumulate vast economic resources without buying and selling.
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