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Originally Posted by Alonsua View Post
I do not think it's so difficult to place dozens of android employees here and there who secretly have much superior combat capabilities than it seems. 0.336 km2 would store them all.
Heh. Do you know how many people are involved, all over the world, in making a simple pen or pencil?

Storing the androids is the least of your problems. Making them will be impossible to do without millions of people knowing about your secrets.

Not to mention that soldiers, android and living, are not particulaliry significant to winning a modern war. What about infrastructure?

Where are you hiding aircraft carriers, fleets, ports, airfields, stealth bombers, fighter planes, SAM sites and the massive logistical network needed to get ordnance and supplies to where the fighting will be?

It doesn't matter how fearsome the androids if your entire megacorporation is destroyed with air strikes, missiles and bombardment because you didn't have hardened, defensible bases with defence in depth and a worldwide logistics network to supply. And no, having a civilian, commercial logistical division doesn't replace having a military one. Different capabilities are needed and intelligence and security services will spot a difference, if only because corporate warehouses at commercial ports look nothing like the massive port facilities needed for aircraft carriers.

Your attempt to shoehorn having a secret military that can conquer the world into a trait meant to represent maybe one illegal experimental program that's a miniscule fraction of the total activity of an organisation is like trying to argue that the existence of secret compartments should allow concealing a Mack truck in your lunch box.

Originally Posted by Alonsua View Post
The effective exercise of the antitrust law in these circumstances seems to me at least undesirable for any country involved.
You're right. If there is even the slightest suspicion that they are not actually an ordinary corporation motivated by profit concerns, but are actually working on an army powerful enough to fight WWIII, any rational state actor will seek the utter destruction of SuperVillains Co. instead of bothering with legalities. Expect to stealth bombs to follow if the first attempt to arrest the leadership is actually repulsed by illegal military hardware.
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