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Default Card Modifiers (Ancient, Intelligence) and Non-Combat Victory

First of all, great game, I love the the loose/fun atmosphere that seems encoded into the rules and the emergent gameplay. This argument happened between my wife and I, and as we jointly own the game I ended up just letting her have her way. Here it is:

She goes into battle and seems likely to win. Another player plays wandering monster and injects a Floating Nose. My wife plays a card and is going to win that battle as well when Bam, I throw Ancient on that levitating proboscis (I'm not too bright). She's gonna win anyway, so another not too bright player plays Humongous on the Nose. I offer to help get her out of her bind in exchange for some loot, as was my devious plan all along, but she just bribes the Nose. Oof. A Humongous Ancient Nose brought low by an eleven foot pole.

Anyway, in this case, the Nose is technically defeated because combat is resolved without killing the monster. The enhancer cards say that extra loot is awarded when the monster is defeated. Now, does she get the four extra treasure, the three treasures in the Nose, both, or neither? How I imagined these cards working was that you only get the treasure when the monster is killed or the card says you can get it without killing the monster, and that should include "extra" treasure, because to me the word "extra" has an air of contingency. Her position is she should not get the 3 boogery nose treasures, because the monster wasn't killed, but she should get the "extra" treasure, because the monster was "defeated".

Anyway, she got the treasure and I won anyway. Who was right?
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