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Default Re: White Wolf is out of the game

Originally Posted by seaweedbrain View Post
Looks like white wolf has had a bad year and so they are going to be closing down World of This was sent out to subscribers of White Wolf's online book reader service. White Wolf will be folded into their parent company Paradox. Additionally, they are also looking for a brand manager
So, that's sad. I hope that they figure this all out. I have a lot of nostalgia around White Wolf games. As a 2nd year grad student, I desperately needed a break from studying for the Prelim A exams for a PhD in Genetics. I ended up walking down the street to the FLGS and picking up a copy of GURPS Basic, and GURPS Vampire:The Masquerade (3rd Ed). I gave myself 10 minutes of just looking at all of this gamer stuff I bought before shifting back to studying. Before the end of 5, my entire grad class was assembled behind me asking if I would be running a game for them when Prelims were done.

I did. I ran a long running GURPS Vampire campaign with my grad class and their respective boy/girlfriends, including my girlfriend-- now my wife-- who was also in the same department.

Great game world to play in. Wish them the best.
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