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Default Re: Staffs and Quarterstaff talent.

Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
The Staff spell allows a Wizard to enchant a piece of wood to do 1d damage not +1d damage. Whether he knows quarterstaff or not surely makes no difference. Where did the idea of +1d damage come from? It doesn't say anything about that in my copies of Wizard or Advanced Wizard.
Hi everyone, Chris.
I think that it doing extra damage is logical:

1) If you have a little willow wand with a staff spell, it does 1 die of magical damage. Why would that damage also not happen when a quarter staff hits someone.

2) If you are a wizard and spend 2 memory to buy the (double priced) Quarterstaff talent, and have also learned the staff spell, you should get a bonus for paying for both effects.

3) I thought about it, questioned it and decided not to bring it up. One of my players thought of it, asked me and forced me to make a decision. The two of us thought that there should be a bonus.

4) Metagaming got enough questions on the combo that they had to answer it in the FAQ in the back of the TFT Codex. So we were hardly the only people who were wondering about this.

If Steve says, "There is no synergy, no bonus for taking both," that is fine. My main point in starting this thread is that the rules should answer the question because with staffs basically being mandatory for wizards, the question will come up.

Warm regards, Rick.
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