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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Tramp Banking.

On frontier worlds banking is often not well established. To facilitate movement of capital and other abstract properties to and from, a tramp vessel is sometimes used. The small cargo space needed often makes this niche attractive. Some specialize in this, and others as part of a diversified business. The ship will carry records of the accounts of customers on different worlds and sometimes collateral. Sometimes they will carry cash from one branch to another to facilitate withdrawls or simply reinforce credibility.

Adventure seed: There is a run on the one bank of Boondocksworld which is franchised by the Bank of Decadentworld. A big store of cash is stuffed aboard your ship and sent to Boondockworld (that is based on a real incident on the East Coast in the turn of the century where Morgan stopped a collapse by the use of his name and the promise of a shipment).

Adventure seed: You find out that the money you are carrying belonged to a criminal syndicate. The law is likely to be after you. Plus if ANY of it disappears, your customers will be very, very, unhappy...
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