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Also depends on how cinematic or realistic you're running.

In a cinematic game, with Heroic Archer and all that, you can safely ignore the bow's ST and assume it was made for the strongest possible pull its maker was expecting it to be used at. There is nothing wrong with letting a would-be Robin Hood's bow growing in ST with him.

In a more realistic game, then you're dealing with making sure the bow's rated ST score is at least equal if not greater to the user's.

In the latter case, the damage done will be at the lower of the bow's rated ST and the wielder's ST + Striking ST (+ Arm ST? Someone check that for me?). In the former case, go nuts!

In a DF or an Errol Flynn-inspired Robin Hood game, I'd probably use a cinematic guideline. In a 30 Years War game, I'd go with the more realistic option.

Clear as mud?
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