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Originally Posted by somecallmetim View Post
Saddam Hussein, as you may know, had a Quran printed in his own blood. He also had his name inscribed in the bricks used for the reconstruction of Nebuchadnezzar's city of Babylon. In real life, it is pretty obviously narcissism and megalomania. In an RPG setting though, it seems like a desperate magical gambit. Maybe trying to use nationalistic magic or cause a reality quake that unearths Haroun al-Rashad's Baghdad (whether it ill be full of History-B irruptors or not, who can say.) It actually seems like the sort of thing a lunatic leader of a rogue state might do as part of an Esoterror plot.
That connects pretty directly to ISIS destroying those relics. What if they're attempting to destroy the vestiges of Hussein's spirit as it attempts to break into the world? What if they're trying to summon him? Take it either way, depending upon whether you like the moral tension of partnering with terrorists to stop a greater threat or you prefer the Captain America white hat/black hat approach to bad guys and the supernatural.
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