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Default Re: [Ultra Tech] Layering Armour

I don't know if you use the ultratech armour design article from pyramid, but I'd probably allow such non penalty layering if the thickness of each layer was below a certain percentage of the max thickness (e.g. maybe a quarter).

Thing is at these tech level if you want to have the benefits of two type of armour I'm pretty sure they could just be integrated into a suit that combines two layers into one thing anyway. This is similar in concept to the TL9 combat uniforms in another pyramid article where you can combine number of layers that have different effects.

TBH I think the DX pen layers concept is really more a game abstraction than a hard and fast law in reality. That I think can be trumped by reality in variety of ways.

Hell even at lower TL's I'd allow reasonable, clever and expensive options circumvent it to an extent, especially as the weight of layers remains a limiting factor

Sorry If I'm a bit vague about Pyramid cites, I don't have access to my PDFs when posting this!

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