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Default Re: Effects of alcohol

The few times I've had characters getting drunk, it's been all about the roleplaying/character development/goofing around, and so I don't see the need for elaborate rules on drunkenness. Especially since most players already have a pretty good grasp on the effects of alcohol, and they generally won't quibble when you slap them with arbitrary DX and IQ penalties for drunkenness.

That said, I too like tomc's idea and will probably steal it for future reference.

I haven't had characters get into drinking contests, but if they did, I'd probably have them make a GURPS-style "Contest Roll" vs ST, giving a good-size bonus to a character who was a dwarf, known hardcore drinker (but I repeat myself), etc, to see who ended up passed out under the table.

Essentially, I'm inclined to just run all this seat-of-the-pants style, because I don't want to be looking up rules and doing calculations when the players just want to have their characters get drunk and have a good time.
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