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Default Re: Building a Fun Spacecraft Combat Paradigm

Originally Posted by PTTG View Post
Don't neglect delta-v on those missiles. Going around a chaff cloud eats a ton of d-v.

Also, a lot of space combat assumes that two forces are going to meet in a pitched battle in deep space. I think that it's more interesting if we plan space combat more like, say, urban combat. A few small ships in a place with lots of collateral damage potential. For instance, if your fight is in LEO, nuking the crap out of your enemy will mean you probably kill a large number of weather and com satellites, and you put SM+15 irradiated hulks into a decaying orbit of an essential biosphere.
If you have reactionless engines, you may have reactionless missiles as well. Though that depends.

The "Urban Combat" approach to space warfare is an interesting one. You certainly want some ships for those kind of duties. Urban combat is inherently asymmetrical though -- you have an attacker and a defender. Its not sufficient to drive away ships preying on commerce.
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