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Default Re: [Spaceships] Please look over my ship designs

Originally Posted by weby View Post
The iron duke seems to have broken stat list:
both the tonnage and armor are wrong.

Further it does not seem to be a battleship in idea, being almost unarmored like the destroyers. I would expect something called a battleship to devote a lot more of the mass to armor.

The Dymka seems somewhat strange in armament, with so many major batteries and no spinal battery.

Overall most of your designs seem kind of low armored and yet with low ECM, making them easy to hit and damage with comparable weapons. They seem to be designed for that anti piracy patrol, with little thought given to fighting warships.
Thanks for this - stats should be fixed. Spinal batteries can be pretty marginal at times, though worth considering. I'll give some thought to up-armouring, but in a peer war antimatter warheads will vaporise any conceivable armour, so a heavy point defence is the only viable countermeasure. My design philosophy is more Cold War than WWII, except that carriers aren't really viable - but post-antimatter battleships are definitely less heavily armoured than the ones that were built in the old days.

(Specifically on the Dymka - replacing three 3d10 weapons with one 4d10 weapon is only really helpful if your target can be significantly more damaged by the 4d10 weapon, i.e. has armour in the dDR 180-240 sort of range, and the Dymka is mostly meant to jump smaller ships. The range brackets are the same. There's probably an antiparticle variant too, though that really puts its trust in the stealth hull.)

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