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Default Re: New Sci Fi Setting Seeds

This world is linked to a supers setting. I'll try to make it fit a variety of settings.

The planet was named New Avalon by the mid 19th century Wizard that built the link to it. He pulled a Mars sized world out of its orbit around a gas giant to be a moon for New Avalon. He named this moon Ophir.

He used Alchemy and a limited knowledge of biology to bring both worlds to life.

In the early years of the 20th century a Wizard who traveled the world righting wrongs and fighting off demons found the portal to New Avalon and a community the older wizard had created on the planet. After chasing off a diabolic threat to the settlement the Wizard took the portal under his care and brought it to New York City so the settlers could reconect with the modern world.

In the late 1920s the remnants of Mars' dying civilizations tried to invade Earth to survive the death of their world. The wizard controling the portal, and his allies, a group of masked mystery men and women, many with strange powers, persuaded the Martians to settle on Ophir instead.

Over the decades this band of heroes remained active, many groups chose to pass though the portal to New Avalon. The planet was home to many strange and wonderful communities. Then, when the headquarters of the band of heroes who protected the portal was destroyed, the portal was lost.

Now, after the defeat of a powerful Warlock, the portal has been rediscovered.

Careful examination shows that while the portal had been lost for twenty years Earth time, New Avalon and Ophir had seen the passage of eight hundred years.

What will the heros find on the far side of the portal?
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