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Default Re: Comment my megacorporation

Originally Posted by Alonsua View Post
How about...claiming the Antarctica? Otherwise take Bell Island then claim independency?
Originally Posted by Alonsua View Post
Buy it, then claim sovereignity?
Secession didn't turn out well for the Confederate states.

In general, I don't expect many states to react well to having a corporation, in effect, rise in rebellion against it. Unless you think that your corporation, in that early stage of its development, can win a war against NATO, avoid trying to start a war against any NATO state. Both poles are claimed by various governments, so you can't claim them either, not without giving any number of states casus belli (and if the UK will fight a war over the Falkland Islands, which no one wants or needs, they'd fight a war over anything you try to annex).

If it can win a war against NATO, it's probably a world government by now, not actually a megacorporation.
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