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What's a sand rail?
In the 80s, it was a VW beetle-based dune buggy. You basically had the “pan” (floor connecting the 4 wheels), the engine in the back, and a steering wheel for the front. You can stick a rudimentary frame (rails) on top and you have a basic off-road capable vehicle that you might not die in if it rolls over...

Me and some friends bought homemade one for $100 in 1988 and tinkered on it for a while, it is most memorable for me in that while quick-charging the ancient battery on it, the battery burst; shooting battery acid all over the place, including my face and clothes... luckily it was extremely dilute, i hit the water hose and washed off so fast that there was no lingering effect (other than those clothes had too many holes to be wearable again). Suphuric acid is tricky stuff. I think we got that thing running and drove it once. Scary enough that we went back to Baja bugs instead.

I always like the GI Joe Vehicle the “AWE Striker”. It was a sand rail with a rocket launcher on top.
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