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Default Re: Designing Racial Templates

I think some racial talents would help round out your races.

On a separate note, whenever I make races these days, I like to make a cultural template that's separate from the racial template. This distinguishes the traits that are a genetic legacy and those that are a result of being raised in a certain culture.

Your Dwarves might have Overconfidence or Mild Intolerance as part of their cultural template to reflect their feelings of intellectual superiority. They'd also have various scientific, technical, and magical skills that were part of their education.

This approach also allows for some mixing and matching by your players, e.g. you can have a human raised by elves who therefore has a Human racial template and an Elvish cultural template, etc...

Should do a lot to make your races feel more "complete" and it should help you conceptualize your world-building as well.
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