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Default Designing Racial Templates

Hi Everyone,

I'm getting ready to launch a fantasy-in-space campaign in a couple of days, and unfortunately several of my racial templates are... incomplete. I have a good sense of the concepts for the races, but am having a difficult time coming up with mechanical traits.

The first race is a race of hyper-intelligent dwarves. These dwarves aren't much for fighting, being (typically) physically frail. While they have a great knack for science and magic, they tend to come off as aloof, and tend to even get a little arrogant in that they assume others can't possibly match their wits. (As a side note, I'm highly influenced by the Dwemer from elder scrolls for this race). So far I have:
-2 ST, +2 IQ, -1 HT
-1 PER, -1 WILL
Versatile, Less Sleep 2
Short Lifespan 1
I feel like what I have so far doesn't really match the concept well, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

The second race are my elves. This one I'm a little more confident in, but still feel like it's incomplete.
These elves have a natural connection to the memories of their predecessors, granting them insight into how to act in certain situations. As a result, nearly every one of their cultures has some form of ancestor veneration. Their focus on the past can restrict them somewhat, and they tend to favor tradition over progress.
So far:
-1 ST, +1 WILL
Extended Lifespan 2
Racial Memory (Passive)
It's fairly minimal right now, so I'd like to be able to add some depth.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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