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Default Cross-time Adventure Seeds

This thread is for (short) adventure seeds that you can drop into a time travel or dimension-hopping game, or run as a one-shot. Please keep them short, as they're seeds, not starts or full-grown plants.

I've defaulted to the Infinite Worlds setting, as I think it's one the things GURPS does best.

Bonus points if you use a world from the New Reality Seeds thread. (If you do, please link to that post in the thread.)

To start with:

The Infinity Strain

This echo is about to experience the Antonine Plague, and Infinity has a very small outpost set up near Rome to study, but not interfere, with the course of the plague. Due to a few security breaches early in this echo's exploration, the Secret is a little endangered here, and the PCs are tasked with security for the outpost. Aside from the usual problems of nosy locals and not catching the plague, there are two other issues that might endanger the Secret.

First, an idealistic doctor is very likely to want to interfere with the plague as much as possible once the group has diagnosed it, and this NPC is a security risk - but too important to the mission to just ship back to Homeline or lock up without serious repercussions.

Second, one of the staff is actually a secret agent on a mission to test a biological weapon - a deadly plague that wiped out another parallel - and the vaccine that their organization has developed, which the agent is secretly administering to the rest of the outpost. Should the exoplague be successfully deployed under cover of the plague, and the vaccine work, the organization will have an excellent weapon on their hands. Worst case scenario, it's a Gotha virus, and the organization has not been as careful with it as they should be.

Other Players: Centrum agents might be passing through and complicate matters; whether aggressively (abduct the outpost as a bargaining chip) or more subtly (generalized harassment). A Cabalist encountered here might be researching the decan of Kurtael, or have established a powerbase here and be concerned about interlopers; either could result in aid, interference, or both, depending on how the PCs react. Reich-5 agents should probably be avoided, as their presence will probably shift the focus of the adventure to them. An unwise Swagman makes an excellent wild card for the PCs to deal with.
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