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Default Re: My Job Doesn't Define Me!

DF3: The Next Level also offers "multiclassing" advice for higher point characters (usually the basic 250 point template plus a 50 point lens for 300 points total). I often use it to get ideas for different off-template concepts.

Whenever you combine martial and intellectual archetypes, you get into the problem of paying for both brawn and brains. It gets expensive fast! In this situation, I usually think about which side of things I want to be the core of my character, then build from there. I might want to be a truly competent warrior, but only so-so with my magical skills; that could work with only a modest IQ.

In some cases, too, it turns out that the concept can be achieved through a few largely cosmetic changes. For example, if I wanted a bardbarian who is primarily a basher, I could end up building a standard barbarian with a set of bagpipes and a few points in singing, poetry, etc. This wouldn't be a real bard though... just some dried powdered bard flavoring.
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