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Default A new generation discovers Melee and I'm loving it

I first discovered Melee and Wizard back around 1980 while in junior high. There weren't many other gamers in my very small, very rural, town so mostly I played solitaire. Though I still have those old games, I purchased the pocket box and ran my daughters, 13 and 11, through a couple of fights. Ms. 13 thought it was OK. Ms. 11, on the other hand, had a blast and asked to play again the next day.

We had a lot of fun beating up on each other and haven't even explored all the rules yet--I held off on talking about missile weapons, pole arms, and HTH to keep things accessible. And we haven't even touched Wizard yet, though she is very intrigued by the counters. I'm experiencing all the fun I had back in the '80s all over again and feeling good to see a new generation of gamers embracing these gems.
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