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Default Re: Decks of Destiny - Late April

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
Warehouse 23 will have distribution titles available, yes. I suspect we'll see the Legacy Edition listed for sale on the site next week.
Many thanks! With all the adventures, cards, and other supplemental material, I keep wondering this one thing: how much of this is stuff that Steve has been wanting to bring to the game for over 30 years? Is there a huge "I wanted to do this, and this, and this..." list somewhere (either a physical or mental one)? I really get this vibe looking at the inside of the LE box lid.

BTW, super kudos on being the type of folks who squeeze "one more thing" in rather than shortcut to save costs. Y'all could have easily had a blank interior box lid and nobody would have missed it. I'm very glad you did not.
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