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Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
SJ Games has made the Pocket Box available for licensing, and Phil Reed has mentioned that he's talked with at least one person about doing a re-release of their game in the format. Personally, I'd love to see all the old micro-format games in modern Pocket Boxes, especially since some have gotten very scarce and pricey.
You and me both! I can think of some excellent ones that never got as much play as they should have back in the day, and yet were still pretty amazing little games. The real pity is that the old Metagaming micros will never see the light of day that way; most of them (ALL of the early ones) were either very good or simply outstanding, and they would be a big hit all over again, I'm betting.

However, I think we've hijacked this thread long enough, now! ;-) Back to Shadekeep's truly amazing programmed adventure editor!!
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